Tampa Preparatory School’s Audiovisual Technology

We’re one of Tampa Prep’s BCI Integrated Solutions worked with Tampa Prep and FSR Inc. to build on the private school’s vision for tomorrow. Our technicians installed an immense amount of hardware in the school’s classrooms, including Apple TVs, Epson Brightlink Projectors, and flatscreen televisions.

FSR Inc. provided FLEX-LT panels that BCI installed to give Tampa Prep the Flex-able technology they need to control their environments. The new technology helps achieve Tampa Prep’s vision of “active learning environments” for their students, which provide an advanced technological atmosphere that helps students learn how to collaborate, and harness their creativity. 

BCI also added digital signage and various monitors and other controls throughout the school. We’re proud of the work we did at Tampa Preparatory School, and we’d love to bring your educational institute or other organization the same, powerful tools. Contact us today below!

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