Suncoast Credit Union

Suncoast Credit Union is a financial institution serving their clients in over 21 counties in Florida. A premier bank with more than 60 locations, Suncoast Credit Union needed a way for their executives to communicate wherever they are.

The bank’s executive conference room needed a technological upgrade to accomodate the forward-thinking, growing bank. Presenting large video images and teleconferencing with farflung executive staff at multiple branches was a must. Suncoast Credit Union reached out to BCI Integrated Solutions and sought an elegant, functional solution to communicate from their executive conference room to anywhere in the world. We proposed a design-build solution to create a user-friendly space for their executives to conference.

The conference table in the executive board room is 30 feet deep, but the ceiling is only nine feet high, requiring sight line adjustments to ensure everyone in the room can read information displayed. A projector was out of the question because of periodic filter and lamp maintenance, resulting in downtime.

With that in mind, BCI Integrated Solutions proposed a video wall requiring little to no maintenance. The 3×3 video wall proposed featured nine 46-inches displays equaling an approximately 140-inches display.

The conference table’s v-shape required strategic microphone placement to pick up every seat in the room. BCI installed sound reinforcement to present the voice of the speaker without any feedback. The Mix Minus technology allows the person talking to be heard by the speakers furthest from them, no matter their location.

The audio in the room is sent through a biamp Tesira digital signal processor, and a Crestron system on an iPad controls the entire AV system. They can also stream to outbound participants through a private server, ensuring security for the meeting.

BCI continues to work with Suncoast Credit Union on multiple projects throughout Florida.

Systems used:

  • Planar Video Wall
  • Crestron Control System
  • Clear One Microphones
  • JBL Ceiling Recess Speakers
  • biamp Tesira



Corporate Headquarters:
9419 Corporate Lake Dr.
Tampa, FL 33634
Office Phone: 813.249.1020
Toll-Free Phone: 877.616.2538


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