Sun Hydraulics

Sarasota, FL

Sun Hydraulics, a leading designer of industry standard hydraulic cartridge valves and manifolds, required commercial digital signage to drasticaly change the face of three different business areas. Content needs ranged from providing employees with production information, general news about the company and upcoming events, to providing visitors with direction, project information, product releases, and much more. We installed:

Visitor Signage

Digital signage was installed in the lobby areas of Sun Hydraulics’ three buildings on their Sarasota campus. The greeting signage would provide visitors with updates on Sun Hydraulics, current projects, and new product releases.

Employee Signage

Employee signage in areas like Sun Hydraulics’ cafeteria, hallways, and break rooms provide internal information to employees about blood drives, employee benefits, and training or other information employees need to know about.

Merlin System

Memex’s MERLIN system allows for real-time manufacturing analytics, an incredibly useful investment for a company like Sun Hydraulics. The MERLIN systems will display on monitors installed on the production floor tied to PCs displaying each machine’s production level. Production managers will be able to quickly determine if they will meet deadlines and or if they need to allocate more resources, or wind down ones that aren’t being used This technology will allow Sun Hydraulics to easily forecast their production and save time and money.

BCI continues to work with Sun Hydraulics by providing digital signage solutions internationally for their branches in the UK, Germany and South Korea.



Corporate Headquarters:
9419 Corporate Lake Dr.
Tampa, FL 33634
Office Phone: 813.249.1020
Toll-Free Phone: 877.616.2538


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