Warner University

The Darby Building was a particular focus for BCI Integrated Solutions and Warner University. Our audio video systems in the new Darby Building at Warner University in Lake Wales, Florida. The redesign included outfitting a video production studio, a green screen studio, a lecture hall, and more than a dozen classrooms.

Warner University designed the classrooms with the wellbeing of the teachers and students in mind. Classroom AV systems feature multiple sources for instructors to control, and a touch screen panel mounted to the wall provides easy control. Once the source is selected, it’s routed to a ceiling mounted 5,000-lumen projector displaying presentations to the class. Speakers also dot the classroom to provide for overhead sound distribution.

The split Lecture Hall includes two individual systems capable of integrating into one large presentation space. The lectern up front was configured to handle multiple sources, including desktop PCs, laptops, interactive annotation overlays, and a presentation microphone. Each side of the lectern features a connector to the center floor box in combined mode. Each side of the lecture hall features a designated panel to control source, volume, and power.

Two large 7,000-lumen projectors on either side of the classroom fill up two 133″ projection screens. We also installed point source cabinets to ensure the audiovisual system can handle any crowd. Warner University should be able to host any events they need to, and tailor their space to the needs of their guests or classes.

New Audiovisual Production Studio and Video Capture for Warner University’s Darby Hall

New audiovisual and video production curriculum at Warner University required special considerations. We worked with Warner U to develop a studio to help students learn about AV production. We designed three spaces dedicated to AV production, including an audio recording studio featuring a digital mixing console, studio quality microphones, monitors for audio playback, and a system to allow for local audio recording.

We also designed and installed a green screen capture room to provide students with an opportunity to learn studio camera operation, perfecting audio pickup, monitor usage, and ensuring proper LED lighting. The room features two studio-quality cameras on two mobile tripods that lead to a preview monitor. Students can use the green screen and preview monitor to return to recordings later and edit effects and new scenes in behind the on-screen events.

We installed a huge, 60-inch LED mobile confidence monitor to provide students the opportunity to configure the room as needed. All audiovisual equipment ties into the AV production studio, and students can upload local videos from PCs, HD cameras, and more to design their own productions. The students can also mix whatever audio they need from wireless microphones and attach it to the video they’re looking to overlay. All signals are sent to two solid state drive records to save their presentations for editing later on.

BCI Integrated Solutions is happy to have worked with Warner University, and we look forward to the next challenge in audiovisual integration they need solved.



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